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Employers' Guide to HR

Sickness & Absence Management

This zone covers a range of sickness and leave of absence issues from Annual Leave to Jury Duty and lots more. There are a number of policies and forms which you can customise for your Company's specific requirements.

In this Zone: Articles (13) | Policies (7) | Letters (5) | Forms (6) 

Forms in this Zone:
Employee Attendance chart
  • Use this annual attendance chart to record an employee's absences, holiday, sickness etc, all in one sheet.
  • Annual Leave Request Form
  • This is an essential form for any Company to ensure annual leave is requested and recorded accurately.
  • Sickness Self Certification Form
  • To be completed by an employee following a period of sickness absence.
  • Time Off For Dependants Form
  • To be completed by an employee who has taken time off for dependants and to ensure the Company has the necessary authorisation to deduct the appropriate monies from their salary.
  • Medical Report Permission Form
  • This form is used to explain an employee's rights under the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988 and is used by the employee to give the Company permission to obtain information on their health.
  • Return to Work Interview form
  • This form should be completed, in a Return to Work Interview, by the employee's manager on the employee's return from a period of absence. Sickness records should be kept for all emloyees.
  • In this Zone: Articles (13) | Policies (7) | Letters (5) | Forms (6)