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PPA Sales Interview Questionnaire Report

The Sales Interview Questionnaire reports provide a series of questions to be used at interview, linked to the results of the candidate's psychometric test. The questions are selected by direct reference to the PPA psychometric testing scores and target the likely strengths and behavioural preferences of the individual being interviewed.

The Questionnaire starts with a review followed by some interview hints.

In the Sales Questionnaire the review centres around the likely selling style of the individual and their likely strengths in opening and closing. The review goes on to consider the type of sale to which the interviewee is likely to be best suited. It gives the necessary background for the questions which follow because the questions themselves are geared to providing the interviewee with the opportunity to display self-awareness and confirm, or otherwise, the items highlighted in the general review section.

The interview hints provide a strategy for the running of the interview itself in terms of how to start it and vary the pace in order to test out the interviewees likely approach to work.

The questions themselves are split into 4 sections; one for each of the profile factors. For optimum effect, they should all be used.

According to one client, the questionnaire now allows him to "start the interview with as much information as I used to have when I finished it."


The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) psychometric testing system is one of the most powerful work place tools available to employers. It can be used in virtually every aspect of HR within the work environment, from recruitment, where psychometric tests help to identify individual strengths and enable employers to make the correct recruitment choices, to managing current employees, and making sure that the right individuals in your organisation are appointed to the right positions both for them and for your business, to the exit process, where it can identify why an individual did not suit a particular role. The use of the PPA psychometric testing system also enables managers to motivate, stimulate and energise individuals in the work environment, and both directly and indirectly raise their self-esteem, confidence and enthusiasm.


  • The psychometric test assesses the candidate's responses to 24 interlinked questions.
  • The psychometric report identifies the candidate's areas of strength, toughness
  • The psychometric report also details the candidate's motivators and fears
  • The entire psychometric test takes less than 10 minutes to complete online, is easy for any candidate to understand and complete, and the report is delivered instantly to your email address


  • Psychometric testing increases performance levels and reduces costs by identifying the best job fit to match organisational and team culture.
  • Psychometric tests take only 10 minutes to assess a candidate's strengths and weaknesses - saves screening costs and management time.
  • Psychometric test links human resource strategy to business strategy, identifying HR strengths and limitations and maximising results.
  • Reduces human error and subjectivity, resulting in better selection and return on staff and management investment.
  • Inexpensive to use - pay-as-you-go system means psychometric testing is only invoked when required
  • PPA psychometric reports are easy to understand, written by managers for managers.


You select the report you require for each individual candidate.
A unique authorisation code is generated for the candidate.
The candidate fills in the questionnaire online
The results of the questionnaire are processed immediately
The report is emailed to your account's email address


PPA Sales Interview Questionnaire Report - £25 +VAT


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What do I do if I get an 'Invalid Report'?

The PPA system is extremely advanced and is able to detect if a candidate has modified his/her answers - either consciously or sub-consciously. For example, some candidates may modify their answers to suit the job for which they are applying. If such modification is detected, you will receive an 'Invalid Report'. Please forward this report to beckenham@vizualhr.com along with your VizualHR.com Account Name. We will provide you with access to an additional PPA test free of charge to enable the candidate to retake the online questionnaire.